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I love minimalist style – I think a little goes a long way and I emulate this concept through my personal style. This includes my accessories so when I first saw the Nordgreen Philosopher watch, I was pretty much sold. Most people wear their watch everyday so it’s important to be able to incorporate this timepiece into your daily looks and this is something I take note of when buying my jewellery and accessories.


For those less familiar with Nordgreen; it’s a Copenhagen-based watch brand, focusing on minimalism (hello iconic Scandi style) and sustainability. Designed by the designer of Bang & Olufsen, Jacob Wagner, this particular style is available in gold, rose gold, gunmetal and silver. I chose silver as I felt like this would go with most of my outfits and be a standout piece on my wrist. I’m not surprised at all that it was the 2020 Red Dot Design Winner as it’s such a sleek and stylish piece which I love wearing.


Fashion is being forced to move with the times and I’m loving discovering and supporting brands for whom sustainability is at the heart of their designs and ethos. I think it’s really interesting what’s been in the news regarding fashion brands, recently. It’s not only about being sustainable, it’s about being ethical too. It makes me feel lighter and more at ease knowing I’ve supported a brand who helps and supports its workforce; the wellbeing of the employees at Nordgreen is a priority of the brand and it works continuously to ensure everyone works in a fair, healthy and equal environment – not just in the head office but throughout the work chain.

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The materials Nordgreen uses are sourced responsibly. Only sustainable and environmentally-friendly materials which last are used as the brand wants to leave the least trace and impact on the planet. This is something I’m striving to do in my daily life and considering fashion is such a big part of who I am and what I do, it’s great to find brands who are working towards this goal too. The watch straps are made from authentic leather, vegan leather, nylon and mesh, all produced with environmentally-friendly methods to reduce chemical pollutants and all are durable to last as long as possible. As Dame Vivienne Westwood says, make it last, people. The packaging is also an environmentally conscious choice, made of FSC-certified cardboard and upcycled felt (from otherwise discarded plastic bottles). The eco-friendly cardboard material comes from responsibly managed forests too – there’s so much good this brand does along each step of the way.


Nordgreen also carbon offsets: sourcing its electricity from wind power suppliers; planting trees to balance its office’s emissions and encouraging its staff to walk or cycle to work. That’s very Danish, isn’t it. The brand also partnered with Flexport LCL, a shipping agent which ensures to offset its carbon footprint from shipping logisitcs. Flexport LCL charges its customers per carbon tonne and all of the proceeds go to to lower the carbon emissions in the world. To think I could support this by just choosing a sustainable watch brand.

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Not only is sustainability at the forefront of the brand’s ideology, it also works on a ‘giving back’ programme through global NGOs such as Cool Earth, Pratham UK and Water For Good. So far Nordgreen was able to secure more than 23,200 months of clean water through its partnership with Water For Good; 6,500 months’ worth of education through PrathanUK and secured 742,000 sqm of rain forest from working with Cool Earth. With every purchase of a Nordgreen watch, the brand works to improve the lives of those in need or working to save the environment. This is either by providing a month’s worth of clean water to a family in Africa; two month’s worth of free education to children in India or supporting the fund for preserving 200sq ft of rainforest in Latin America. It’s things like this that put a brand on the map and set them apart from others doing a similar thing design or fashion-wise.


Scandinavian style, minimalist watches that give back to the planet? What more could you want?

Wearing Philosopher Watch in Gun Metal here

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    Girl your trench is amazing!

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