How to style a dad blazer

Is anyone else loving fashion right now? It’s all about comfort and utility and I’m a little bit in love with it all. Slouchy trousers, chunky trainers and tweed with elbow patches. Let’s embrace it because we don’t know how long we are blessed with it for!

Dad style is officially my favourite. Remember how you used to have an opinion – usually negative – on how your dad dressed? Same. Now it’s all changing, we are looking at dads as fashion icons. Namely (in my case) because of the blazer. I see slight confusion – it’s okay, I’ll explain myself.

Balanced fit

I love having mobility in clothes fitting my upper body. A looser shape is ideal – particularly as we move into colder weather. Have you ever tried fitting a chunky knit under a tight jacket? It’s not great, let me tell you. Don’t worry about looking out of shape or getting lost in material. Pair it with slim fit trousers and your look is good to go.

Subtle details

Don’t get me wrong, I love my hot pink suits and electric blue floral designs but there’s something super adult about dad blazers’ style. There’s tweed and fine check – and if you’re new to the club, pair it with some coloured pastel bottoms or throw your dad blazer over a pretty dress – the feminine style/colour will, again, balance the look. Faux fashion is on the up.

Up a size

We have already talked about fit and how to adjust to your new shape of jacket. But if you go up a size, you can double this dad blazer as a coat. This is perfect for the autumn days we are going into now. It’s not quite cold enough for a heavy coat but you need something that’s comfy and that you can button up to keep warm. Extra points for a blazer with a bit of length to it.

Ultimately, this look is all about a relaxed feel and cool vibe. You know; your dad has been wearing this style all his life and you never thought it was cool – until now. But the key is to be effortless. It’s subtle fashion. Don’t stop dressing like you though – keep your personal style via accessories and even make up. So you know, you don’t ACTUALLY look like your dad!

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  1. Mariya aka BRONDEMA on September 19, 2019 at 11:09 pm

    You’ve styled it so well!

    Mariya |

  2. Abbey on October 6, 2019 at 10:46 am

    Another great post Ash. You have styled the blazer brilliantly and look fabulous. Abbey xxx.

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