How to rock your pleather look

I am super excited that pleather (plastic leather) is back on trend. If you shop carefully, you can find some really good pieces that resemble the high quality that comes with real leather. Whatever you want to wear is your business but the main benefits of pleather is that you’re not contributing to animal cruelty – and it’s way cheaper. Why should I have to miss out on working a trend I love, simply because the price tag of real leather stops me? No longer, friends. If you’re a leather lover, work this faux leather look into your wardrobe as you would normally but if you’re looking for some styling tips on this one, I’m here for you.

What’s great is that if you pick the right piece for you (it all depends on what you’re comfiest and most confident in), you’d never be able to tell if your pleather piece is high street or designer. Coupled with some pro styling and you’re good to get people guessing where your look is from. It’s such a luxe look and so effortless when paired with some basics – as the leather is so femme fatale itself. Anything that gives a powerful or confident vibe to my outfit is something I’m interested in trying to incorporate into my wardrobe. I think you guys should give it a go!

Pleather Jacket
The prime piece that proves pleather is not just a night time look. The pleather jacket is the perfect way to toughen up a day time outfit that might be a little more prim and girlie. I love a floral dress and a pleather jacket just keeps it in check so the look is still a little grunge, a little fierce. So easy to throw over pretty much everything and will take you from day to night – in most climates! I love wearing mine with a pair of jeans and trainers for the day and then adding a rock chick vibe to my evening look over a cute dress.

Pleather Skirt
Paired with a slogan tee and wow, it’s an outfit. The pleather skirt could not go better with anything else, in my humble opinion. That works with both mini and midi versions too, although I sometimes like to go with a more feminine top if the skirt is longer. Maybe choose a a ruffle or chiffon blouse – you guys know anything with outrageous sleeves is right up my street. As the leather is elevating the look here, you can pair with trainers, boots or heels – go with whichever you’re comfiest in, is my tip. 

Pleather Dress
These are all the rage right now and I love them so am making no complaints. For a daytime look, I’d say go for a shirt-style, something slightly loose-fitted and with some sort of sleeve/collar detail will stop it being too racy for the day. But for night, either swap your flats for heels or choose a more figure-hugging dress and your ready for the bar or dance floor. Nothing says subtle sexy more than this. 

Pleather Trousers
Ambitious, I know. I’m very comfortable in my suits and tailored trousers so this one doesn’t scare me. But I know it’s not easy to find your perfect fit – and that’s important. First of all, you don’t have to go tight and skinny. If you’ve been following my recent videos, you’ll know I’m actually sizing up in trousers as I am loving this oversized, baggy feel to outfits that is so on trend right now. So if this one is outside your comfort zone, try on some baggier shapes such as chino/harem pant styles.

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  1. Jessica on March 9, 2020 at 12:37 am

    Looking so chic and fabulous dear! Love how you styled it with those boots.

    Jessica |

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