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Lockdown has been great for me to tighten up my skincare routine and I really need to stay vigilant and keep it up. What with going out to eat in restaurants again, getting more exposure to air pollution and the fear of dreaded 'maskne', it's never been more important to nail your skincare regime.

I thought I'd share some products I'm using right now and how they're really working for me. Some might be brands you're familiar with and some might be completely new; I like changing up the skincare products I use every now and then (so that my skin doesn't get complacent and rely on the same products all the time).


First up, I'm loving the Eve Lom Cleanser. The first step in all of our skincare routines; cleansing our faces. I love how gentle it is on my skin - so it's perfect for anyone with sensitive skin and the plant oils in the balm actually soothe and calm your skin, if it is at all irritated from the day or night. What's really useful about this cleanser is that the balm also acts as a makeup remover; it melts when mixed with water and removes the day's makeup - without stripping my skin and drying it out. My face is not only left smooth and clean but also radiant and what's not to love about a natural glow?!

Honestly, I truly recommend using a face mask at least once a week, to give your skin a little extra TLC. I personally use this Eve Lom Rescue Mask one to two times a week as it's great to reset my skin. Thanks to ingredients such as kaolin clay and camphor, not only is my skin left feeling deeply cleansed but my pores are left decongested and any redness or puffiness my skin is feeling that day is instantly calmed. There's even ground almonds in the ingredients which help to gently exfoliate my skin, leaving it smoother and brighter.

Does anyone else prefer gel creams to standard cream textures at the moment? Something about them just offer my skin an extra cooling effect and feel like they are absorbed better into my skin. It's partly because of this that I love Darphin's Hydraskin Light cream gel so much right now - it's my favourite moisturiser by far. I have combination skin and I think the gel just sits better (literally!) because it never gets oily under my skin and absorbs well. Key ingredients include squalane, which softens and smoothes my skin, while replenishing its lipids and salicornia herbacea which hydrates my skin, while strengtehning my its natural barrier (thank you, amino acids). There's also lavender which those of you with irritated skin should definitely keep an eye out for.

I'm loving Drunk Elephant at the moment, not least because the packaging is so cute and it's a sustainable brand. Their C-Tango Multivitamin Eye Cream is actually my favourite eye cream right now. Packed with vitamin C, ceramides and peptides, it's super moisturising and absorbs so well, protecting the sensitive and fragile area around my eyes. It sits well with concealer too, making my makeup application that much easier. I literally can't live without this as it's exactly what I need to make my dark circles and fine lines around my eyes disappear - I started noticing results within a few weeks of using it, actually!

The final product I want to talk to you guys about is The Biologist's Lip Balm and Scrub. I feel like a lot of skincare routines forget about the lips; I know it's an area I need to think more carefully about giving attention to, for sure. It instantly hydrates and nourishes my lips, combatting any dryness or cracked skin issues. Thanks to the combination of cocoa butter, avocado butter and coconut oil, since I've started using the lip balm and scrub, my chapped lips woes are pretty much over. It's natural and organic too, so I feel really good about applying this to my lips. Oh, and it's strawberry flavour too.

Organic Nourishing Lip Balm - With a hint of Strawberry

Organic Sugar Lip Polish - Coconut



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