Autumn jackets you need this season

It’s been a sad one to admit – since summer was all over the place this year – but the colder months are finally here. While the constant rain and winds we have been treated to get me down as much as the next person, I find solace in my autumn wardrobe.

If you’ve been in denial about summer ending and haven’t planned your outfits fit for lower temperatures, then don’t worry, guys. I’ve got your back and have tried and tested A LOT of jackets and coats over the years. I know my favourites; which suit me more, which are comfier and which go better for certain occasions.

The Trench

This is what I like to call the hopeful autumn coat. It is the perfect cover up to keep light winds at bay and you won’t overheat if the sun decides to shine through (crossing fingers here!!) You don’t have to go for the iconic Burberry trench to participate in this trend either. High street stores will allow you to take your pick and heritage brands such as M&S and John Lewis will keep that classic, long-lasting look. I’d just advise choosing a neutral colour to get more wear out of it – but if you’re bold, a pop of berry colour never goes wrong!

The Puffer Coat

Remember once upon a time these were reserved for our school teachers on playground duty? Who ever thought they’d become such a singature style look? But now, the puffier, the better. It’s all about volume and padding with these jackets – which is ideal for when the colder weather comes along. If you want to be really fashionable, opt for a PVC black style to be different from the norm or, even better, find a metallic silver design.

The Long Military

I’m talking smart collar, I’m talking gold buttons- the works. Long coats always have a chic allure about them and the sophistication and details on this style make it the chicest of the chic. It’s a great day-to-night coat too as it will uplift a casual day look and be smart enough for the evening’s events. Dress down with trainers or smarten up with boots.

The Faux Fur

Would it be winter without a faux fur jacket or coat? Whether you go for classic black, versatile beige or a bold lilac, this will be your best friend as the temperatures drop. You’ll never feel more snuggly and stylish all in one in this cosy coat. A faux fur coat is also great for an evening out, when you don’t want to layer up for a special evening; it will keep you warm enough and will add to your outfit, rather than just covering it up. A top tip: they’re not the best jacket of choice when it’s raining – soggy fur is personally not my fave!

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  1. Jessica on October 27, 2019 at 2:48 pm

    I love this outfit dear, especially the pants, great combo with the blazer.

    Jessica |

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