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Minimalist Style with Nordgreen Watch

  I love minimalist style – I think a little goes a long way and I emulate this concept through my personal style. This includes my accessories so when I first saw the Nordgreen Philosopher watch, I was pretty much sold. Most people wear their watch everyday so it’s important to be able to incorporate…

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Stepping Into Spring With Uniqlo

Fashion meets function has to be one of my favourite style concepts right now. I’m absolutely living for the fact that I can get style points while remaining comfortable in one look. It’s especially a great idea for Spring fashion; when the weather is cool and crisp but the sun is shining through still Uniqlo…

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Sydney Staycation At The Four Seasons

Has Covid-19 messed with your travel plans? Because same. It’s really frustrating not being able to travel around the world but I’m also really grateful for this time to be able to experience and appreciate my home country. It’s funny how people spend ages saving money for a holiday to Australia; where I’m lucky enough…

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How to style your fringe jacket like a boss

Who said this trend was just for festival attire? It’s a great way to add a quirky twist to your outfit without experimenting too much. In my personal experience, fringes work well on denim and suede; on the back of your jacket and on the sleeves – the possibilities are endless. Adding just the right…

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How to rock your pleather look

I am super excited that pleather (plastic leather) is back on trend. If you shop carefully, you can find some really good pieces that resemble the high quality that comes with real leather. Whatever you want to wear is your business but the main benefits of pleather is that you’re not contributing to animal cruelty…

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How to wear snake skin in Autumn

It’s slithered its way (sorry, couldn’t help myself) to first place out of all the prints and snakeskin doesn’t seem to be going anywhere any time soon. Whether you’re going hard and not home with a trench coat or just want some subtle details via your handbag or gloves, this pattern looks good no matter…

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Autumn jackets you need this season

It’s been a sad one to admit – since summer was all over the place this year – but the colder months are finally here. While the constant rain and winds we have been treated to get me down as much as the next person, I find solace in my autumn wardrobe. If you’ve been…

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